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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 9, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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cain and movers and shakers of the business world, monitoring what's going on there. the own network on the planet that does that. "fox business." be there. >> hello, i'm you're teens i wouldn't weensy talking head as we put the awe in law. kimberly guilfoyle, the double b in dungarees, bob beckel, and eric boling, and she's on every kitten screen saver, dana perino, it's 5:00 in new york city, midnight in my liver. this is tighter than hef's medicine cabinet. this show starts as soon as kimberly stops kicking my ankle. stop it. >> so this weekend we saw two
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debates, three if you count the fight i get into with my maid. the first debate was slower than a drunk on crutches but sunday was better for the early hour made them testier than a s.a.t. workbook. i can't do anything before 10:00 a.m. except for building robot spiders. no matter what time it's mandarin time for jon huntsman. >> as they would say in china, [ speaking foreign language ]. >> i believe he said nice pecs. we get it,on, you're bilingual. [ speaking foreign language ], where's the bathroom. that's a fair question like the other stuff on contraception and gay marriage. horrible economy, bone crushing debt. condoms. that's like asking a resident of pompey about his hang nail. this is a debate not an after-school special. we have huge problems. whether you're gay, straight or
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hermaphrodite, let's worry about feelings later and focus on where did where did david gregory's hair go after the debate? i heard it was brunching with ron paul's eyebrows. >> that is true. >> i want to go to tape. this is stephanopolos, which is greek for annoying man. this is him getting into it romney. >> do you believe states have the right to band conception or is that trumped by a constitutional right to privacy. >> george, this is an unusual topic. i cannot manage a state banning contraception. >> do you believe states have that right? >> george, i don't know. the idea of you putting forward things states want to do and ask if they can do it is silly. >> what was the point of that?
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>> to catch him in saying something that would be controversial amongst conservatives. a lot of these debates we trot out of same ground over and over. the right to privacy is a question that is a tricky one for some people regarding the constitution. then to griswald and rowe v wade and he says no one's talking about it so why are you asking. >> griswald is the family in national lampoon vacation. >> it's important supreme court case. >> what do you make of huntsman bringing up his mandarin experience. i'm the only one that understood what he said and being fluent in mandarin, it had a lot to do with where to get a good massage parlor. >> i knew it.
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>> terrible. >> i don't know what he thinks. danny said something in the green -- dana said something in the green room. >> oh no. >> no, you said he reminds you of al gore. and there's something to be said. >> that's not a compliment. >> but he seems to be a guy set apart from everybody else. sort of a strange figure walking around the primaries. having said that, watch him. he'll come in third in new hampshire. >> kimberly. >> a prediction. >> the first debate was saturday, the next one on sunday morning so clearly because you were clubbing you missed both. >> i can offer proof of my whereabouts and pajamas with curlers in my hair. >> who else can attest to that. >> i want to throw to more tape. diane sawyer talking about gay marriage. >> i would really love to be able to ask you what you would say personally sitting in your
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living rooms to the people who ask questions like this, this is from phil in virginia. given that you oppose gay marriage, what do you want gay people to do who want to form loving, committed long term relationships? what is your solution? >> she talks too fast for me. did you catch any of that? >> no, it was very quick. rapid fire. >> do you think -- we've got all these problems in the world, iran going nuclear, economic ma lace. >> why is the mainstream harping on this. are they not reading the papers? do they not see what's going on? why aren't are focusing on the economy and nitpicking on these issues. >> good point. obviously president obama shares the same opinion and stance on gay marriage. do you think he's going to come out of the gun? >> no he's never going to get the question asked of him, especially from the mainstream. >> from the democrats.
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>> by the way, those two debates probably the most boring of all the debates so far. representative. the candidates seemed like again, do i have to go there again? let's get it over with. >> i liked the morning debate because they were cranky and you could tell who the mormons were. they weren't hyped up on coffee. >> the reason they -- he's on "60 minutes" once a month. they never ask him this question because they know that he doesn't, in had his heart, he's not against gay marriage. he has to say it to get elected. >> but he doesn't get in trouble. >> these questions should have been asked in iowa where there are values voters and it makes sense. new hampshire, where there's economic issues, the big issue you're talking about took second fiddle to the debate. i could have sworn this was des moines last week.
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number two, the strategist who decided after that debate saturday night to change their view, that was a strategic decision by campaigns to say maybe we didn't hit romney very hard. that was 10 or 11 hours in between. it was a inconsistent step that tells me they're not sure how to deal with romney in new hampshire. they're getting ready, keep this in mind, they're getting ready for where he's vulnerable, south carolina. >> but his polls are slipping. last week he was 44. maybe saturday, 41 and today, one of them he was like in the 30's. >> but looking good in the gallup. >> that's national. >> that's what i'm saying. >> but the point is, if he comes in with a 32, 31, 30, it's anyone's ballgame. >> that's true. we've said on this show that south carolina is his -- where
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he could be his waterloo. the thing that's interesting to me is that normally in new hampshire, as we said before, usually there's one trailer candidate, maybe two. here you have a lot of them. the antiromney vote will no not coalesce. if there was one person standing after iowa, romney would be in trouble. he keeps a margin because you'll get 20, 15, 17 but there's nor undecided in new hampshire than i remember any race that i've covered. >> 44,. >> there's a good lesson to be learned by the political strategists, they had an opportunity a couple years ago to ask the rnc to be the broker for debates. the candidates couldn't agree. so they're doing debates. it's hard for anybody to do a 12 -- a debate at 10:00 p.m., then get up and do it again. >> what was the point of msnbc debate after the abc debate?
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>> i agree. >> i think it's interesting to see how he does in new hampshire. the expectations are high. he did better than people thought in iowa but if he doesn't win by 15 or 20% in new hampshire that could weaken him going into south carolina. >> i prejosh-- i don't think hel win by 20. >> you just have to win in iowa by 8 points. >> you just have to win by 8 votes. but if -- as eric points out here, if there's a very close margin, if ron paul for example, got within 8 or 7 points that would be vulnerability. the story lynn will be romney was beginning to lose the base and we'll talk about that. the attack point they've settled on a bain capital. >> he's been ahead since 2009 in new hampshire in the polls. >> kids, take a break. calm down. >> i'm with you.
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>> i'm speaking quickly like diane sawyer. >> mitt romney, the moneymaker getting heat for being a money maker. what his opponents are saying. in the meantime, i'm looking for a ferret. if you have one email us. they have to be potty trained and answer only to commands in french and if you leave now, it's over between us.
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>> welcome back to the five. mitt romney says his time at bain capital proves he can build businesses and create jobs but the "wall street journal" has questions and so do some of the g.o.p. candidates. >> if you're a victim of bain capital's downsizingettes the ultimate insult for mitt romney to come to south carolina and tell you he feels your pain because he cased it. >> at some point governor romney has to hold a press conference and walk through some of the companies bain took over where
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they looted companies, left people unemployed and walked off with millions of dollars. >> i've said it 100 times, you're not getting anywhere trying to discreet mitt. focus on obama who lost more moe than a million and a half shots. shooting in the tent will get you vote or two but get you four more years of obama. >> with that audible response coming from deep inside of bob, i agree. this is ridiculous. they were better when focusing on the country, about the policies. distinguish yourself why it's so important to vote for a republican and have a party switch and not put a democrat in again. because you look at the problems, it's being handed to you in terms of the economy, what is going on with spending, entitlements. if you can't make it happen now, when are you? >> these people are not in the
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business of running at obama. they're running against each other. what else are you going to do? you have a frontrunner who made his main message, i can create jobs, i'm a successful businessman. there's questions raised about whether he has been. a third of the businesses you invest in go into bankruptcy. that raises questions. even if it's cheat shots they'll find somebody like upper did in south carolina, companies that were shut down. >> keep knee tapping and they'll limp in to the general election. >> i hope so. >> there's a reason companies are takeover targets. they're weak to start with. >> i thought it was a stretch, an act of desperation and just down right ludicrous for conservative candidates to go after a private equity firm. what would they prefer, their candidate be a community organizer and senator for two years? i would rather have somebody who
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has been in the business, knows it and it's not always pretty. businesses can fail and go to private equity firms to get help or be bailed out. they're not going to the taxpayer. and what has happened today in -- following twitter is some conservatives who have not been ones to defend mitt romney on anything have come to his defense today so upper, newt, ron and jon have done a disservice. >> a misfire. >> it made money. some things didn't work out. that sounds like capitalism. you stole my line but i'm going to say it anyway, that obama -- >> how can i steal it if i didn't know it. >> we think alike. obama has the virtue of never having a real job and never fired anybody. a community organizer never calls anybody in to say you're not up to snuff. >> you haven't met your numbers.
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>> you two share the same air. lower down. i understand that. >> oh, bob! >> the fact is these guys are not always going in to take care of failing companies. they go in, they load it up with debt, they take it apart and sell it. let's not make this into -- >> hold up. >> i want to -- >> remember, they're in capital like the rest were in green mailers. >> we need to point this out. they go into companies that distressed. >> no. >> let me just tell you, mitt romney -- a piece of advice, take these lemons and turn them into lemonade. say you're going to do the same thing at bain capital for 15 years and you'll go to d.c. and cut the fat, let go the useless employees and all of a sudden you turn what's ugly -- >> are you telling me staples and domino's were in trouble when he came in? >> absolutely. >> with staples in it. that's how bad it was. the funny thing about business is only republicans can be evil.
5:19 pm
when it comes to business, democrats, corzine or slender, he's green welfare but that's okay. >> it didn't make money. >> what exactly has mitt romney run as a businessman? >> he was c.e.o. >> of what? >> bain capital. >> he rips apart companies and -- no, this is important because if you know about private equity companies, they won't just take distressed companies, they take companies they feel could perform better, that are underperforming, they infuse capital and buy a percentage and take over management, a position on the board. and they create jobs and grow the company. >> a guy named millikin went to jail for this. it's green mail. >> no it's not. >> bain capital is plagued with guying stock and taking over companies. >> it made money. >> no. >> venture capitalist.
5:20 pm
it's different than private equity. >> can you imagine mitt romney said we're going to cut government spending and government employment by 20-25% and make it more healthy and better for the taxpayer. this guy would win. >> dana's shaking her head. you said 30% of his companies when bankrupt. >> i think it's 22%. >> that's probably the average. i don't think that -- no one said -- has proven that's not the record of other private equity companies. >> 78% -- >> we want a -- 78% are making money being successful. >> i want to know the success rate. >> it's a heated topic. it was a great discussion, so much so we didn't get to the other topics. did you hear about the halloween party obamas had when the recession is worse than it is now? neither did we but now we know about it.
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we'll tell you about it when we come back. [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription.
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>> welcome back to the five. greg was wondering where the country music had gone but it's back. >> with aven against. >> from g.o.p. to a story that ran over the week weekend. a book by jody cantor, reporter from the "new york times" about the obama white house. there was a question whether or not there was enough of a coverage of a secrettal alice in
5:26 pm
wonderland party separate from the military party for kids in 2009. greg you have had a lot of hollywood celebrities at your house. what kind of themed parties do you hold. >> i had a similar one in my basement except it was eat, prey, love and it wasn't a party for the guests, it was a party for me. a hellish nightmare for them. >> so did you meditate and things like that? >> no, they slowly disappeared. the flares around the -- flyers were disturbing. >> the question was why was it reported. it was because it was on johnny depp which i frequent to find out what's going on. george lucas loaned them reportedly the original chewbacca consume. >> that's made from alec baldwin's back hair. >> you didn't get jab about a
5:27 pm
the hut. >> i'm for kids and parties and supporting the military. but if you didn't do anything wrong, put it out on something other than 21 jump street. the white house is caught in a trap that a reporter is going to write a book, you cooperate, the book comes out and you dis the book. >> it's not a good position but it's just a bunch of crap. the fact is they did have a press pool in that during this thing. this was not only for military kids, it was for poor kids in the neighborhood. >> they weren't in the state dining room with tim burton and johnny depp, who weren't on the lawn. >> they put it -- >> that's what the story is. >> no, was the press pool allowed to cover it or not? >> it's unclear. the fancy footwork out of the white house -- >> if the pool didn't cover it it's stupid.
5:28 pm
>> if you're the publisher and jody cantor comes to you, would you lead with this story? >> what's juicy about johnny depp. >> it's like before the french revolution. >> can i say, it's a tea party. wasit was a secret tribute to te tea party. >> you would do anything to rip this guy apart. >> i'm as nitpicky as you can be and i don't see the story. >> i love t punch out of blood vials, it's a fact. >> newly revealed in 2011. >> i was trying to think what would the equivalent could have been but i couldn't think of one. >> are you tivoing in. >> there's a double standard because this administration and the obamas, the darlings of hollywood and the media, and they're likeable.
5:29 pm
people like them and they want to help them and throw parties and george lucas likes it it's. >> a strange thing. >> these are actors who -- >> george threw a lot of parties. >> but not like this one. hollywood cracks me up because they will alert the paparazzi they're heading to the mall and get their picture taken for u.s. weekly but won't tell about the party. can we get to something else? news today that chief of staff bill daley who said was going to leave after the election today decided he would spend more time with his family. >> can they come up with something better. >> okay, he's going to coach the obama campaign, which to me was the wrong announcement to make within the first 24 hours because you're going from a taxpayer funded job to cochairing the campaign. >> i was going to say he was
5:30 pm
going to devote more time to core fusion aerobics. >> that's the queen of core fusion. >> he came out a year ago, about a year ago. and immediately he was undercut, his legs taken out. i come from chicago. the daleyys love the spotlight. >> he went on "meet the press" that first went. >> all of a sudden plouffe was everywhere. >> plouffe came in like a week or two after daley was announced. >> it's interesting, bill daley is a friend of my and cochair of our presidential campaign in '84 but he's used to getting his way. he's very good at doing that. i think the plouffe thing was the beginning of the end. as soon as they brought him in -- do you remember when plouffe, who was not well-known, axlerod and the press secretary got all the attention except
5:31 pm
obama kept bringing up plouffe. he says let's not forget plouffe, he's a powerful figure and didn't want daley in the way. now, running the white house, lew. >> everybody comes back around. >> doesn't plouffe found a medicated pad? >> depends on -- >> more like a therapies. >> tucks. >> i bottom bought the wrong product. >> we have to get out of here to come back and talk about the epa power grab, they say they can't build their own home on their property. the supreme court is involved. that's coming right up. you name it.
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i'm bret baier in
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manchester. new hampshire. the story here, the final full day of campaigning before the new hampshire primary. tonight on special report carl cameron tells us where the candidates are and what they're saying ahead of the first in the name primary. new hampshire is known for fierce independence. molly talked with independent voters to make up 40% of all registered voters. i had time to get out to candidate rallies and we'll look at what i saw and hear from some of the men running. tonight, there's a shakeup at the white house. the president's chief of staff, bill daley, is resigning. he lasted one year in that job and will be replaced by jack lew, special report from new hampshire starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and the five.
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>> i don't know what that either. this is a story that's near and dear to my heart which i'll explain in a little bit. there's a town in idaho, priest lake and a family by the nam of sackettes decided to build their dream home in a place i have been to and they bought a half acre lot and bull dozed the lot and all of a sudden the epa claimed they had to stop and reclaim what they have done. it caused an uproar and it does with me because the daily fine, if they did not go along with the epa was 36,000 bucks a day. by law they paid for the lot, something like 20,000 bucks. they appeared on fox & friends,
5:38 pm
the husband and wife, and explained their situation. do we have the cut of that? >> they told us to remove the gravel, put the profit back -- property back the way it was. put wet land plants that weren't native to the site and fence it three to five years, then they might let us apply for a permit to build. >> let me just say, i owned a ranch in montana with three other people and we leased our land -- it was a dude ranch but we leased it to cattlemen. you have to guarantee water for the cattle. a dam that we had in the -- old dam, 70 years old, it broke and we had to put another one in. we put one in so the cattle could drink and all of a sudden the bureau of land management funnied us 5,000 bucks a day. we were in a position to fight
5:39 pm
back and eventually worked out a compromise and built another dam, but the fact is these people have to fight against the government with their own lawyers they have to pay and the government has their own lawyers. they went before the supreme court today and lawyers for the government got heat from the justices about what are you doing here? you're overstepping the line. what do you do if you're a little homeowner and want to build something and you're faced with 36,000 bucks a day. >> bob, there's a whole segment. >> i actually went through the same thing. three buddies of my owned a shipping contain buried underground and found out about it because it was on wetlands. it goes back to the word wet land which can mean anything. >> are you being serious? >> not about the container. >> you weren't taking human cargo. >> it was a long story. i've changed my ways but
5:40 pm
wetlands describe anything wet. if i drink on a friday night, saturday i'm a wet land. >> if you're a land contiguous to a wetland you're done for. >> i think the justices will rule against them. >> it's not just wetlands, it's dust, dry land. it's fence height if you have cattle. it's how much water runoff if you grow tomatoes. the epa is out of control. stifling businesses, farmers and -- >> which is why they're petitioning. >> we have had a number of cases that have come up. in 2005, there's a significant case on point where many legal scholars feel and people who feel the epa is out of control that the supreme court went too far. now is the chance to take it back and say this is something that's so prohibitive, people can't pay the legal fees, let alone the fines to pay the government. this is legal under the 5th
5:41 pm
5th amendment to take property for the overall economic development and betterment of the community. >> but the clean water act has -- it's america's water is how they -- in the west where water is political issue to say the least, it's everybody's water. that is what declares this to be a wet land. if it's running -- the thing i find something here is their house is built within 100 feet and they don't have a wet land problem. >> there's a controversy in california, farmers are run out of business because of the threatened delta smelt. the epa and endangered species list will divert water around fertile farming areas in central california because of a 3-inch fish. >> let's also -- >> they're adorable. lovely. >> you don't cook them and eat
5:42 pm
them? >> you served them on crackers with the cheese whiz. >> the tsa is the most hate government but in the west, the bureau of land management or corps of engineers. >> let me say in defense of the clean water act, there's a legitimate case if you have wetlands and you're building on it, that there ought to be -- there ought to be a way for something like this to not be subjected to it as if you're a developer. >> or to have incentive, as they did, build more wetlands so more bird come and the benefits come. >> stop calling it a wet land and call it what it is, a stinky swamp. >> the snake river -- i used to own a place in jackson, wyoming and they can't empty that water out until it goes down to idaho to the potato farmers. they get all the water, they may or may not grow potatoes and people in iaea are not getting
5:43 pm
their water. >> you can't make this up. >> you can't. >> all right. what you can make up, jesse ventura, you know he of steroid use? he responds to the navy seal to says you clocked the former governor a few years ago. we'll tell you both sides of the story just -- hey, buddy. across, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico.
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>> all right. we've got an update to a story we brought you last week. jesse ventura is responding to the navy seal who said he punched him out. here's what chief kyle says on the o'reilly factor. >> why would you punch ventura. >> i was in '06, the year we lost our first two seals in iraq. we came home and lost our last guy just before coming home. we had the wake in a seal bar there in coronado and he was there for a speaking engagement
5:48 pm
at a bud's ceremony, grading class. >> because he was a seal, right? so he was badmouthing the war. >> badmouthing the war, bush and america. >> well ventura is saying these events never happened n fact he writes on facebook, if this happens six years ago, someone would have known about it before now. i have always opposed the war in iraq but never spoke or wished i ill will towards soldiers. >> did he post that from the newly adopted country, mexico? isn't that where he moved to? >> can't make that up either. you've got something good because you interviewed him. >> i believe the navy seal. i had the discussion with jesse and brought up his 9/11 conspiracy theory. look at that picture, he got so
5:49 pm
mad at me. he literally pointed the finger at me then his finger was shaking and all i said was i don't think you're being patriotic saying president bush or dick cheney had anything to do with it. >> in if a picture, you see he has a seals shirt and navy seal -- look, he's in trouble with that community because of the comments he has made. >> well he says they're trying to destroy his credibility but he's been doing an excellent job of that by himself. he's a giant boob and what bugs me about conspiracy mongers. >> don't give boobs a bad name. >> they think conspiracy thinking represent intellectual fought. when dealing with conspiracy you're posing questions, never answers, so it's the responsibility of you to answer their questions. the best way to deal with a 9/11 truther is go back and say how
5:50 pm
do i know you're not behind 9/11? that the government employed idiots like you to pervasivey conspiracies to the don't think the government do did it? >> why do you wear your glasses like that? >> because i can't see my nose. >> by the way, leave boobs alone. >> jesse ran as an independent. that picture of him around the circle with oiled up arms all from steroids. i used a a lot of steroids. i must admit it does things to your brains and i don't think i would take jesse's word over this other guy's word for a second. not that he's lying, he just can't remember. you know? >> he was pedaling a book and reality series. i'm not sure you can believe half the stuff he said. >> let's talk about eric bolling's favorite thing.
5:51 pm
tim tebow, my goodness. take a look the a eb. that -- you have it upside down. >> do i? that's terrible. >> it looks different when you look in the mirror. tell us about the game, the dramatic 80-yard touchdown pass. >> are you kidding? john 3:16 he wore in the championship game. he throws 316 yards in that surprise win over the steelers and also 31.6 average yards. but the one that gets you, the know what the tv ratings for that last quarter hour were in? >> as good as ours? >> 31.6. >> can you just -- >> is it a coincidence? >> you know what john 3:16 says? >> i do. >> god gave his is an -- >> i mean go ahead, greg.
5:52 pm
>> this -- that was the date keg la got into power. on 313, mount egone erupted in bali. >> youate yes, atheist. >> i'm just telling you the numbers are silly. >> it adds up to -- >> you get to the father through me and i don't think it is good to put scriptures on your eye but john elway says why doesn't tebow go downfield and air it out. >> bob will quote some scriptures next so you don't want to miss that. thanks for playing, bob. one more thing is next. because this group has more on their mind. you want to hear it? stay here. don't go anywhere. [ male announcer ] when do you take 5-hour energy?
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5:57 pm
bet you 100 bucks and if i lose, i'll wear that ridiculous colors of lsu and if you lose. >> crimson. >> you got it. >> 100 bucks. >> yellow and purple, lakers. >> to the charity of our choice. >> fantastic. >> whatever eric and i bet, we don't -- we send it to charities. but spoking of charities. >> your -- you're a charity case. >> greg, we missed you last week. >> i went to the bahamas. i've never been there been and i was working on a book so i holed up in a hotel room and wrote. >> by yourself. >> yes, by myself. >> and you bumped into a bartender friend of mine. >> i did. >> and a bar end iter friend of hers. >> yes and yours. >> and i met a nice family, the millers, who invited me over for dessert because i was eating alone. >> did they know you in.
5:58 pm
>> yes. >> did you have to perform? >> i did. >> did you run across fans? >> many fans at the airport and resort and asked questions about everybody and i lied. i lied. >> what question did they ask about bob? >> they asked is he sexy in real life as on tv and i said of course he said. he exudes and you sex all thety. >> i was a shut in. i'm not -- i'm going to do a proof later in the month got a nice tweet from someone saying a new five feature suggesting every monday we say one final relaxes thing they did over the weekend, from jw -- >> that could get new trouble. >> no, that could get you in trouble. >> and also competitive, pot
5:59 pm
calling kettle black. >> dana? >> i have one more. i'm going to take it more seriously, we had a shock yesterday when a good friend of ours here at fox and of many people around the world, tony blankly passed away yesterday e he was 63 years old and battling stomach cancer. a wonderful man, are british by birth but american by choice and communications director for newt gingrich in 1994 when the republicans took over the house. avenues great political mind but also a very funny person. he had a great sense of humor, a big laugh. he was the he was -- he was very helpful to me when i was press secretary and second woman to hold the job. >> i'm sure you did that with him but i was with tom in the green room and he's a great historian. >> wonderful writer. >> he's going to be a great loss. a wonderful guy. >> all right. that's it for the five. thanks for watc


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